Verano Place vs. Palo Verde

<p>Does anyone know of the pros/cons of either of these Graduate communities?</p>

<p>Are they nice - or is it better to shell out the extra cash to live at one of the private-owned apartments at Puerta del Sol or Vista del Campo?</p>


<p>Bump, anyone?</p>

<p>i dont have extensive experience but:</p>

<p>some verano houses are fairly new. some are a little older, but you might get lucky.
i havent seen all then floor plans, but it seems like palo is bigger/have more room mates.
everything ive seen is very livable. VDC gives you free furniture (so you dont have to deal with moving stuff) and only in VDC can you get a single room partment-- if privacy is a huge deal to you.
and vdc is way nicer. duno if i'd say its worth more money, but you've have to look at it yourself.
and if ur a grad student, i would think you'd be too busy with classes and research to have time to "enjoy" the apartment life or whatever.
and internet is monitored at all three, so no heavy bittorrent.</p>

<p>-i could be wrong about some of this. i do NOT have extensive exp with the mostly graduate housing.</p>

<p>i wish i could give you more info. if you are considering going to certain labs, try asking some of the grad students in those labs.</p>

<p>Thanks, flemmyd!</p>

<p>also, vdc is much further away. you will need to get some transportation to get to campus.
the others are within walking distance....
although you might want to see the distance before you commit to bringing/not bringing a car.</p>

<p>Does anybody have any info/tips/anecdotes/opinions on Palo Verde? Parking situation, how to get to campus, apartment quality, demographics of residents, etc, etc, etc....</p>

<p>VDC doesn't give you free furniture... you just pay more per month for furnished units. </p>

<p>You can get unfurnished units for cheaper rates</p>

<p>^ All of the VDC apartments come furnished.</p>

<p>And they have shuttles that take you to campus.</p>

<p>My mistake, CV has unfurnished units</p>