Verbal:480 what can I DO?

I nearly go crazy.</p>

<p>I'm a Chinese student,and need full--aid
Which school should I apply?</p>

<p>hey how did you get your scores from if the site is down and not working??? i want to see my scores so bad!!!</p>

<p>The best thing to do may be taking the SATs again.
If you're taking the SAT IIs on Nov, register for the SAT I on the Dec one.
Some of the UCs might be interested since you're Math score is relatively
better than the students who go there. However, with a verbal 480 it's
gonna be very risky applying to colleges that are in the top tier.
If it's possible, you should take the SAT I again and try to get over 600 at
least. Then you'll be safe to apply to some UCs or others that you're
interested in applying.</p>

<p>take them over again for sure!!</p>

<p>lmao i got a 1240 too</p>

<p>im white so i think i can get a 1600</p>

<p>Get a job in an area, like sales or service, where you must use English constantly.
Read English literature; even murder mysteries are ok as long as you are soaking up the details of the language use.
Get books-on-tape from the library and play them while you are driving, excercising or goofing around on the computer.<br>
Find a mentor who will help you with your English conversation on a regular basis. You may find an older person through your library if it has an ESL type of program.
Keep a dictionary by your bed or reading chair, and look up unfamiliar words as much as possible.
Plan on retaking your SATs in January after your hard work pays off.</p>

<p>"im white so i think i can get a 1600"</p>

<p>What in the world is that supposed to mean amensia? Because it strikes me as a racist and elitist statement. If by your statement you meant to imply that since you were a naturally born American, you thought you could do much better in verbal, then I'm sorry for jumping all over you. Also, I wonder if you realize how tough getting a 1600 is, especially if you're weaker in verbal (which you seem to be from other posts). In fact, I'd be willing to bet that fewer then 1 in 100000 juniors who retake a 580 verbal as a junior get an 800. Just by looking at this board, and seeing the high amounts of overachievers (who prepared just as much as you will) who still don't meet their goals, this fact should be evident. I'm not saying it's impossible. I got a 1250 on my PSAT's in 10th and I think there's a vague chance I managed a 1600 in Oct, but then, I was strong in verbal already.</p>

<p>now<em>or</em>never- you should take the TOEFEL and you should try to memorize vocabulary in English. As far as what schools to apply to...look at the International board for threads about financial aid.</p>

<p>I got 600 and twe 4.0 in Aug Test of TOEFL</p>