Very average student CHANCE FOR CSU please!

<p>Hey everyone i was wondering if you could roughly chance me for all the california state universities? i have very average test scores and GPA.I live in california. my gpa would be around a 3.5/3.6 and SAT 1 of 1630 or ACT 23. im mainly interested in SDSU,SJSU,Cal Poly Pomona & San Luis Obispo, and all the rest of the CSU's and any Low UC'S if possible.I know its much information but i'll take any information possible.Thank you!</p>

<p>try to get your test scores up as much as possible right now i say match to UCSC, UCR, and UCM </p>

<p>as for the CSU both Poly's are reaches as well as SDSU but SJSU is a match</p>

hold up.
SDSU is surely a match, not a reach. it sucks because youre RIGHT in the middle.
All of the CSU's, since youre a local, are safeties/meets. The poly's are both meets.
Meanwhile the UC's are all meets/reaches but it seems like the ones youre looking at are meets. UCB and UCLA is what im defining as a reach. If you got your test scores up, then i would definitely say that the top Uc's would be possible for you.</p>

<p>best of luck to you :) retake that ACT! or SAT.... your choice :P</p>

<p>thanks guys i hope so! and yeah i just re-took the SAT..praying now</p>

<p>What are you going to major in? Cal Poly SLO admits by major, so that information would help. I'd say that you need an 1850, maybe even 1900 for the Cal Polys (may be much migher if you're applying as an engineering major) and SDSU. People would be suprised how competitive SDSU admissions have become lately. It's actually not a bad school and has a good business program. SJSU is a match.</p>

neppswagg: just like he said SDSU has gotten very competive over the past 2 years. Let me clear up any confusion that my post had</p>

<p>OP asked chances at:
SDSU- i say reach
SJSU- match
Cal Poly Pomona- reach
Cal Poly SLO- reach</p>

<p>Then OP asked about chances at low UC's i said
UCSC- Match
UCR- Match
UCM- Match</p>

<p>OP: first of all it seems you scored way better on the SAT than ACT so focus on that in the summer. Now work hard to get it as high as possible. </p>

<p>1800+= match to SDSU and both cal oly pomona
1900+= match to middle UC's and CP SLO</p>

<p>hope that helps</p>

<p>SDSU- reach. i got rejected from there with 3.6 GPA, several AP/honors courses and 1790 SAT
SJSU- target
cal poly pomona- target
cal poly SLO- reach
UCSC- low reach
UCR- target
UCM- target
most of the CSU' you should be covered, except CSULB and SDSU and SLO. work on your SAT and you'll have a better shot at those!</p>

<p>thanks for the replies guys. i sure hope i can get that SAT higher!</p>