VERY Durable IPhone 3 case

<p>We are looking for a VERY durable IPhone 3 case with a screen cover. So far the Otterbox Defender is at the top of the list. The Griffin was suggested but Amazon no longer carries the model with the screen cover for IPhone 3.</p>

<p>This must be very durable and have the screen protective cover screen. Any other suggestions?</p>

<p>P.S. Phone currently has a zagg screen protector on it...not good enough which is why we are looking at that Otterbox Defender.</p>

<p>I love my Otterbox Commuter case for my iPhone 3 but I don't have a screen protector on it. You can't go wrong with Otterbox.</p>

<p>The Otterbox Commuter is what we would get if she were HERE. BUT it does not have the screen cover that the Defender has. With the Commuter, you need to put a zagg or similar cover on. That is what is on the phone now...and it is not good for climate and conditions where DD is right now (very dusty and dirty and VERY hot and humid).</p>

<p>Speck</a> CandyShell for iPhone 4S - Apple Store (U.S.)</p>

<p>I have this one and it seems very durable to me. One of my son's also has this model and it's protected his iPhone from quite a few drops (yes, he has a tendency to drop things--LOL). I have the pink/green case and he has the black/grey case.</p>

<p>Honestly, I wouldn't want a big, thick, clunky case on my phone.</p>

<p>Need an IPhone 3 case...not a 4.</p>


<p>If you like the Speck case, I have seen them at Target and the ATT stores as well as on Specks own site.</p>

<p>I loved my Switch Easy Capsule when I had my 3G, but have since gone with a silicone case from iskin for my new phone. All can be found on the below site.</p>

<p>We have ordered from here and they are currently offering 20% off with the code "valentine"</p>

<p></a> - The Case Authority Store</p>

<p>The Speck cases do not have a screen cover. You need to use a Zagg or similar screen thing. These are not "strong" enough for the climate DD is in...on the equator, hot/humid. The Zagg is peeling off. We need something with a screen protector. Doesn't have to be an Otterbox Defender but needs to have the same kind of screen protector part. The Griffin has that too....but is no longer available on Amazon for the IPhone 3 (yes it's old but we are NOT getting a new phone for this location).</p>

<p>I use Iskin revo. Rubbery cover It comes with screen protector and plastic screen cover. . Just checked, and they carry them for the 3's. I preferred the screen protector that came with covers for first iPhone over screen protector for 4. Don't know what type of screen protector comes with 3.</p>

<p>My Daughter had the Otterbox and actually cracked it in several places in less than 3 months!! After some research we replaced it with the Lifeproof is a bit sleeker than the Otterbox, has a screen cover..and is waterproof as well (my daughter felt the need to test that claim by taking a video in a sink full of water on the first day the case was on the phone!) Being completely sealed I think it would protect well against dust as far, so good!!</p>

<p>We got DD a Iphone case from Accessory Geeks. Her case does not have a cover but several of them did. They had some that were rubberized and pretty sturdy looking. She has a 4 so I don't know exactly what they have for the 3 and the site is being slow right now so I stopped looking. Just another place to look. Their shipping was pretty quick and their prices are good.</p>

<p>That Lifeproof case looks awesome...but $109??? That's a little more than we wanted to spend!!</p>

<p>you should get this one:</a> 80s Retro iPhone Case: Cell Phones & Accessories =P</p>

<p>They have sales for the Lifeproof ours for about 80$..not cheap, but less expensive than a new IPhone! She needs to keep this phone in one piece for two years (or longer!) Like many teenagers she takes her phone everywhere so it needs to withstand rain, snow, heat, sand, dropping onto the pavement, occassional dips into the toilet (don't even ask...I was horrified as well!) and so far it is holding up much better than the Otterbox ( I say so far as my daughter can break almost anything in the most mundane ways...)</p>

<p>I don't know if you have seen this case: iPhone</a> 3G / 3GS Tank rugged case by Case-Mate</p>

<p>I just got an email from Case-Mate and saw the Tank case. Know nothing about it, and it isn't too pretty, but might work for your daughter. It comes in girlie colors for the iphone 4/4S!</p>

<p>Love my Lifeproof cover. My coordination is not that great, so my phone has been dropped many times with no damage.</p>

<p>I have IPhone and use Otterbox Defender. It's bulky, but works for me. And the price was good, I think I paid around $30-40 for it. Dropped the phone a few times, but the case held just fine.</p>

<p>We decided to get an Otterbox Defender largely due to the screen cover. It was $15 on Amazon...without the holster which our kid would not use anyway.</p>