VERY Low College GPA (1.5)

<p>Here's what happened,</p>

<p>I went to Renssaelear for engineering, and after 3 semesters (with a difficult courseload) of doing horrible in my math/science courses I got a 1.5 cumulative gpa, I realized that engineering is not for me.</p>

<p>My HS stats were decent (3.76 gpa + 1320 sat) considering I had a very difficult coursleoad</p>

<p>I know that if I was to choose a liberal arts major in another school i would do well, I want to get into either English or Sociology major.</p>

<p>How can I get into an acceptable decently ranked university with such a horrible college gpa? Will the adcoms realize that all of my courses at rensaellear were math/science, and that the courses required for english/sociology are totally different?</p>

<p>If I transfered to a state school for one semester and got all A's and then transfered from there to a decent rank uni would it be a smarter move? Or should i try applying for transfer directly from here and write a letter explaining the situtation of me not choosing the right major in my first college?</p>


<p>PS: By "decently ranked" im referring a uni such as Northeastern University or something like that.</p>

<p>I'm not sure even a state school would take you with a 1.5 for three semesters, you've been in college for over a year, so your HS grades are being drowned out, and they probably are going to look at college grades a lot heavier - if you're lucky enough to get into any college right now, I'd say stay in it for two years (atleast one), one semester with a 1.5, even if you get a 4.0 is not going to cut it.</p>

<p>Well the point I was trying to make was that my "college record" for my first school is not the same course of study (going from engineering to english means totally different classes) isnt the same as i'd like to pursue at the next school.</p>

<p>Wouldn't that count for anything?</p>

<p>Can you switch to an easier major at RPI and improve your grade average? RPI has some interesting majors that include social sciences and communications and technology - capitalize on your technical background, even if you haven't done great, you must have learned something. WHy not meet with a counselor at RPI and explore your other options there?</p>

<p>I would talk to admissions people at other schools. Pick three that you like, two higher ranked ones, and something lower, like SUNY Albany. I personally know that Albany is pretty forgiving to people who've gone to schools, hated them, and got low GPAs. Talking to the admissions people will help though. Make a few phone calls and try to make appointments to talk to someone in person. You've gotta be firm and resolved in what you're doing though. Take some time and think about what it is that you want to study instead of the sciences, and make sure you're picking schools that you feel are better suited for you. Learn as much as you can about their programs (websites, talk to students, professors if you can) and talk to the admissions people. It might not work, but I know people who have been in similar situations who've talked to admissions and gotten in.</p>

<p>if you raise it to a 2.0 i know there are some good schools such as iowa state that admit automatically.</p>

<p>To the OP,</p>

<p>Nobody's forcing you to report your RPI transcripts. I once knew a kid who went UT, screwed up bad~! He then transferred out to another college through his high school grades (no one ever knew he went to UT). He then got 4.0's and now he's at a great grad. school. Just start over on a fresh plate. </p>

<p>You've wasted 1.5 years of your life but so what? It's better to do what you love and are good at. Who's forcing you to transfer?? Start over on a new plate. I've seen many do this. Enter in as a freshman. Most of your credits are useless if you want to be an english/pre-law major. You can easily get into a good college with your high school stats. You don't need to go ivy league here. I recommend going to a good state school (MSU / OSU/ FSU) and do well.</p>

<p>Just reapply to anothing school. You might have to retake the SAT though since you're using the old one. Study real hard, get a high score and apply to some Ivy's and say you were working for the past 1.5 years.</p>

<p>isn't that very dishonest?????</p>

<p>if its so easy to do, then why don't other ppl routinely do that. I know so many ppl that would like a fresh start. In fact, I have a friend at Duke that is on academic probation right now after his first semester grades (a dismal 2.5), he did absolutely nothing. He went to Duke thinking he was so smart, and look at him now, having to beg Duke not to kick him out of school.</p>

<p>Waouh! Can that be done? Hiding that one already attended school somewhere else. It would be dishonest though. Try another strategy please. Explain your case. Though we like to believe otherwise sometimes, admission officers are human being, and they can understand you. Good luck.</p>

<p>I NEVER told the OP to be fraudulant. I told him to apply fresh. Don't mention the fact that he went to RPI. If they inquire, then I think he should tell them and be honest. From the people I've talked with (the ones who've tried this method), the adcoms didn't ask and they didn't tell. These people have started fresh at state colleges.</p>

<p>If you plan on grad, the better grad schools do thorough thorough checks of your background. Stanford and Michigan for example will check the validity of everything you send them as well as other outside aspects of your life (at least things that factor into job performance and academic)</p>

some schools state that they will expel you or not admit you if they find out you apply as a freshman when you should actually be applying as a transfer. even if you want to start as a freshman, if you've done college courses after high school graduation then most colleges expect you to report that. i'm not sure how they would ever find out, but expulsion seems a big risk to take. (one example of a school that does this is baruch - perhaps better-known schools have different policies though?)</p>

<p>bball87: academic probation with a 2.5?? at duke??? NO WAY</p>

<p>This is actually a very interesting issue.</p>

<p>From the people who've done this; the schools didn't care about their past and it never bothered them. </p>

<p>Also, I'm very aware of AMCAS and their requirements. This is different though. AMCAS has the reasons and the means to conduct an extensive check on the student. But how do they go about doing that??? Well I actually called them and found out. They will contact your current college and ask them to make sure that you're not trying to mask any prior college transcripts. The only way the current college can do this is by examining your transfer credits. If you have credits that have transferred in from a certain college - AMCAS will immediately be informed that this "other" college was attended to by the student.</p>

<p>AMCAS also has the student sign a statement (officially) that he's providing them with every college record that he's been in. That in itself binds the student to be truthful. In any case, it would be to the student's benefit to be honest. If he screwed up really bad and then dramatically increased his GPA and changed his life around, adcoms will be very impressed. To be fraudulent to med. school is a terrible, and unnecessary idea.</p>

<p>But again, the OP's case is not med. school.</p>

<p>Don't ask/Don't tell. If they ask then I guess yeah you could tell them... but they wont ask since it's a freshman application.</p>

<p>You will need to bring your GPA up. How many credit hours have you taken? A 1.5 is bad... how many F's does that take?</p>

<p>business schools thoroughly check background, that is what i was going off of. I am sure law does to becuase there are extensive warnings about being truthful upfront instead of them finding out later. Social security numbers can reveal so much, be careful</p>

<p>The issue here isn't graduate schooling(biz./law/pharm./med./whatever). I already said the OP should send in all the background transcripts if he's going to apply for med. school and the like. </p>

<p>The issue here is about reapplying as a freshman to another undergrad. college and starting over.</p>