Very low GPA

Hey there! I have messed up so bad in college. I have 17 F’s and 6 D’s. GPA is 1.76. I had pretty bad social anxiety after high school and it affected me over the span of my college career. I finally decided to get help, got on meds and I am motivated now more than ever. Should I start over at a different CC to restart my GPA or just continue at my current CC and shoot for straight A’s?

Any hope for me out there and get accepted into any school? UC? CSU? I want to major in engineering.

There’s no re-start to wipe away your past grades, I’m afraid.

You should choose whatever situation is affordable and promises you the best trajectory forward. If you make a turnaround, there will be 4yr schools willing to take you on despite your rough start. The CC transfer advisory office will be best situated to guide you once you begin your recovery. Good luck

Strictly speaking, your record will follow you - you were entered in a college database when you started. Your grades will always be taken into account.
However if you start a a new community college, you get to start from scratch for your GPA and can show what you’re able to do now.

Most schools will allow you can re-take a failed class and replace the grade with the new one you earn. Most will also allow you to retake and replace some D’s. The catch is, it needs to be the exact same class and I think, the same school.

All is not lost. Talk to your counselor about your options ASAP.

A good compromise would be: this year (Winter and Spring quarter, adding summer quarter if necessary), retake
the exact same classes where you got C, D, F. Make sure to get a B or an A. That will “replace” your grades on your transcript.
Then, transfer to another CC and continue working hard, building a new GPA.

Thanks to everyone for the feedback. I do plan on retaking all my failed courses. My school has an AR policy that allows me to “delete” up to 30 units. Knowing this, is going to a different cc still needed? Would my gpa be decent after replacing the F’s with A’s and AR?

OK, so, replace your F 's with A’s/Bs and ‘delete’ them.
Then, switch cc’s to start with a new GPA, assuming you only get A / B now on.

I would suggest going to a new school and not telling them you attended another school prior. That way you don’t have to send that transcript when you transfer. Also you can do an academic renewal which removes the grade from your GPA. Look into it. Good luck

@sassycali: where are you getting your misinformation?


Student attendance records are entered into a national database. You HAVE to tell the new school where you attended previously OR, you run the risk of being expelled. Plus, the universities THEN advertise that you lied, and they let any other schools, that check your records, know what you’ve done. So, any student that tries to bypass the system really gets hammered and runs the risk of never attending any university.

@sassycali College attendance records are similar to your credit report. They will follow you. When you enroll, you agreed to this – probably missed that in all the fine print…

Colleges protect themselves from ppl trying to game them or walking out and not paying. Indeed, another college won’t enroll you if you’re in default to another institution. Do you see how beneficial it is to them all?

You have to love misinformation that a first time poster puts out here on CC. @sassycali You are either extremely naïve of just outright lying.