Very noob question: whats the difference between ED1 and ED2???

<p>hey guys, I saw that Vandy has EDI and a EDII. Could someone please explain me the differences between the two and which has a better % admitted?</p>

<p>also, which would you guys recommended for a Junior who needs senior year 1st semester grades to boost GPA and continue showing an upward trend?</p>

<p>hey, you might wanna check out one of my 'chance me' threads to see my stats. so basically i had to rely on a very visible upward trend, otherwise my gpa (as an average) was just aight... so i applied ED2. Evidently admission stats are generally the same between the two, altho some claim that ED1 provides a slight advantage. If you want them to see your success from your first semester (and if it's a true step up, aka something that will affect admissions) then go ED2 :]</p>

<p>there's no real difference other than that.</p>

<p>but the thing is in my school the 1st semester end late January and Vandy's app is due early January. so I am still confused about how my 1st semester grades will work out in the process. could you/or any one else clarify this?</p>

<p>this is something you need to address next school year with your college guidance counselor. While i don't know exactly how it works, i expect vanderbilt STILL receives and analyzes a mid-year report when determining ED2. either way, there isn't much difference between 1 and 2, so just apply 2 if there's a chance that they'll see your senior year grade trend.</p>

<p>thanks Moosecream, you have been of huge help, I have another question, this is much more about the campus.</p>

<p>is there a good indian community at Vandy? I have this feeling that it would be hard to be Indian at vandy? cause Vandy seems like such a "white" place (PLEASE PLEASE don't take this offensively, I used this is lack of a better word).</p>

<p>haha, well i live in Bama, and 2/4 of the people going to Vandy from our school are Indian. I haven't been a student at vandy yet, but i honestly don't think you'll have a problem. Not to be cliche'd, but you'll find your niche just about everywhere. Not to mention that being in a "white" school could open more doors and push expand your friendship boundaries. :]</p>

<p>There is a good Indian community at Vanderbilt and it is growing. My Duke grad son's best friend who is Indian just started at the medical school as well. (Great med school! Such warm great people in it!..he chose it over a higher ranked place because he tells us he will never leave Nashville again and will practice medicine in Nashville.)<br>
My undergrad son will be living in a group with people from all over next year, including a friend whose parents are originally from India.
Vanderbilt demographics are rapidly changing. If you matriculate to Vandy, your attitude should be to "be part of the emerging Vanderbilt" which is full of world class students now from all over the nation in a city with a distinctly southern "central USA" vibe and a great economy.
My son strolls over to the med school, law school and div school to catch public event lectures all the time. The campus is uber cozy for a mid sized university with 6000 graduate students also coming and going.</p>

<p>the real challenge? Getting in.<br>
Then come in April and figure out if you want to be there for four years or not...good luck to you.</p>