Very peculiar SAT score delay

I recently took the International October SAT without essay at my small international school in East Asia. Around 20 people took it and everyone got their scores yesterday… except for me and my brother. I also recently took the September 26 SAT without essay and scores cam out on time. Therefore, I believe that my scores must be flagged or something. My 2019 March SAT was around 1280 and 2019 PSAT was around 1300. But, however, I’m expecting a 1550+ for October and received a 1500 for my September exam. Therefore, do you guys think it’s because my scores got flagged or is there another explanation.

You don’t have much choice but to wait. This is not very unusual. Yes, they might have been flagged. You can try to contact CB and ask.

Other threads have reported US-based scores being released on a staggered basis. I’d wait at least a week or two before being concerns/contacting CB.

If you scored 1500 in September, I doubt any higher score would be flagged for being out of expected range.