Very poor GPA between 1 year at Michigan State and 2 at local CC...what are my options?

So in 2009 I wasn’t ready for college blah blah blah, earned a 1.8 at Michigan State in 2 semesters. Went back home and went to community college but I was lost at the time, I would have to check but I’m guessing my GPA there was 2.5 with quite a few drops.

Since then I’ve found my way a bit and gone on to start a million dollar/year online marketing business that I’ve been growing over the last 3 years, but have found that I’m not feeling very fulfilled. And lonely, I would honestly prefer to work for a company than work for myself at this point.

Anyway, I just moved to San Francisco and just starting the enrollment process at City College community college. With my piss-poor GPA from the past, what would I have to do to transfer into a good school? I have my eyes on Cal Berkeley or University of Michigan but I highly doubt those are possible.

Anyway, just not sure where to start, what goals I should aim for because of my past academic performance. Any guidance for this lost soul would be deeply appreciated. Thanks!