Very Quick Question Regarding CC's

<p>I am applying this fall to the UC's and have completed 33 units at OCC. But I have only taken 12 units for classes that are part of my major. I will be taking 13 units for my major and 16 units total this fall.
But the problem is that I may have to take 9 of those 16 units at Goldenwest College. I heard that those who go to GWC have a really low chance of getting in to the UC's. So do I have to put on my application that the majority of my fall classes will be at GWc? Will it severely hurt my chances of getting in?</p>

<p>It doesnt matter what CC you go to as long as you have a good GPA; In the application, it basically asks what schools did you go to and the grades...</p>

<p>Refer to this thread:</p>

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<p>My daughter was accepted to Santa Barbara (Honors Program), UC Berkeley, and USC for fall of 2006. She attended primarily OCC, but in order to schedule all her classes, also attended Coastline, and Goldenwest. Her sophmore year was 100% honors classes. I believe she maintained OCC as her primary college, and supplemented with the maximum amount of transferable credits. I don't think UC's look down on Goldenwest. Goldenwest has an excellent honors classes and wonderful teachers.</p>


<p>Sorry for the tangent but don't you only get invited to the honors program and then you apply once you matriculate. Just curious.</p>

Yes, that is true for cc's. Her acceptance letter for UC Santa Barbara, did say Psychology honors program, so we assumed she was automatically in, but if she had matriculated there, she may have had to apply.</p>

<p>I did the same thing you're going to do, metalzoa13. For my second year at community college, I took all of my classes at GWC (14 units) during the fall and 8 units at GWC and 10 units at OCC in the spring. I don't think it makes a huge difference where you're taking your classes as long as you do well in them and do all (most?) of your prerequisites before the end of spring, preferably by fall. I'm not sure if it's harder for you, since my major (philosophy) didn't have that many prerequisites that could be taken at CCC.</p>

<p>"do all (most?) of your prerequisites before the end of spring, preferably by fall."</p>

<p>Since I majoring in science, would it be advisable to take 3 science classes with labs and a math class all in the fall? if i do, it'll leave me with only 1 science class/lab and no math classes to take in the spring, just ge's for the igetc.
or should i take 2 science classes with labs, a math class with either a computer programming class (its not a prerequisite, but the uc's recommend it) or a GE class?</p>

<p>I think you should split whatever classes you need in whatever manner that will get you good grades in both semesters. There's no point in taking a rigorous course load to prove to them that you're willing to take on a challenge, only to fail or do badly in them. In fact, I'm going to say that ALL of my classes at OCC and GWC were easy because I chose easy classes and easy teachers, but I got all As except for about 3 Bs.</p>

<p>Anyway, as for the 3 science classes and 1 math class, it doesn't sound very fun and sounds hard as hell. But then again, I've never done well in science, so I don't know how science majors handle all science classes. Have you done it before or something similar? I think your second option sounds better. It allows you more variety, so you get don't get sick of your major.</p>

<p>My top choice is berkeley, so wouldn't it be better to have as many prereq's done in the fall as possible? If i take the 3 science classes and 1 math class, i probably will get all a's as long as i quit my part-time job (which i don't like very much). how will berkeley respond to this? would it be better to just take the tough schedule, expect at least 1 B in the classes, but still have the job? or keep the job and have an easier schedule?
But I could be overestimating my abilities because its been a while since i had a difficult school schedule. my fall term at occ i took 9 units, none were major prereq's. spring 17 units, with only 8 units of prereq's. and summer, 7 units, 4 units of prereq's.</p>

<p>Well, I'm going to Berkeley this fall as a philosophy major. They only had one prerequisite that could be completed at GWC (non at OCC), and I got that done, plus I was admitted with a 3.85 or something like that. I can't really tell how good of a student you are with just reading what you say, but I'll just say that since your major is probably very competitive, get everything done ASAP (with good grades, of course). I'm sure the other students are leaving GE requirements for their spring semester so they can get all their major requirements done first. Also, for your non major classes, why don't you try to find if there's a winter intercession class? I've taken cultural anthropology and political science during winter and those were a breeze.</p>

<p>well i plan on double majoring in physics/mathematics, which is not very competitive for applicants to UCLA but I'm not sure about berkeley. i currently have a 3.88 gpa which will probably increase to around 3.90 once i'm done with my summer classes. and i'm pretty sure i can get all a's if i take the 3 science classes with labs and the math class since 2 of them will be at GWC and i've checked that the professors for those classes are easy. and yes, i probably will see if i can take winter classes.
but i'm not sure if berkeley is really that necessary for me because since i have to go to grad school, i'm gonna need very good grades in my upper-div classes. even by preparing for upper-div classes during the spring before i transfer, berkeley may seem extremely difficult.</p>

<p>^ The students at UCLA and UCB are equally competitive. I'd guess the grade distributions are very similar as well.</p>