very serious question

<p>how much sex is there in college?</p>

<p>It's exactly like Animal House.</p>

<p>as much as you want there to be.</p>

<p>Someone is very optimistic</p>

as much as you want there to be.


<p>This is basically it. If you want sex, it's way easy to go hook up with people. If you don't, you'll definitley find other ways to spend your time (i.e. doing the things you would be doing 98% of the time if you were sexually active).</p>

<p>be careful of STD my dude</p>

<p>Nobody has relations unless they are married, for it is a sin against the LORD and their blood shall be upon their heads.</p>

<p>^^^if you're so against Christianity, etc... why do you continue to bring it up?</p>


<p>once in a while might be a better option. oh, but having a girlfriend is the best, I guess. haha</p>

<p>STDs are like pokemon.</p>

<p>Gotta catch 'em all.</p>