very "unique" situation..need advice :[

<p>hey you guys...i just moved to San Diego in May '06 from out of the country..i moved out of the country in January '06 from New Orleans because of hurricane katrina..when i tried enrolling in school there, i was told that they couldn't admit me because i was "two months behind" and because they had trouble placing me in classes bc they didnt have APUSH, english IV, etc in their foreign curriculum. sooooo basically my junior year ended before it barely began (we went back to school in oct. '05 cuz of the hurricane and had to start over). so on my transcripts i have an empty place for my junior year, a year i reallly needed to pull up GPA, prepare for sat/act, take prereqs for AP's in senior year, etc. i ended up moving to San Diego with my mom who had relocated there, in hopes of graduating within 2yrs...luckily by completely 8 credits (my new school's on block schedule) + having taken a summer course, i will be graduating in '07 as planned since like kindergarten lol</p>

<p>okay okay soooo i'm really afraid of UCSD's point system and so my question is, i want to apply to other UC's that read the essay more (which will be my only chance to explain my situation) but i've heard that UCs know what other UCs you are applying to and if that's so, i'd feel like applying to UCSD only so they know i'm serious about them (me and my mom moved here near relatives in SD and it would be hard moving again + i've heard they are the best science UC and are great in pre-med)</p>

<p>i've tried calculating my points in that geocities calculator thingy but i'm taking act+sat subject tests in dec. so it's only an estimation of what i'd get...and judging by what i aim to get, it's above the cutoff from previous years but barely.. i've been dying to ask you guys about this since May since it seems like everyone is so willing to give advice/help...if anyone needs my stats in order to give better advice, i'll be quick to respond..i just don't want to make this longer than it is and risk it being not read..thanks in advance to anyone willing to help!</p>

<p>I think if you're a possible admit, they will read your essay. (but of course, I wouldn't know for sure)
Ohhh, you should indicate this on the special circumstances section (section 7??) That way, UCSD will acknowledge that the GPA, etc weren't totally your fault.</p>

<p>I think you should apply to more UCs. Afterall, you're only filling out one application. What if you're someone Cal is looking for? but you can't be admitted because you didn't apply!</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>My D put down multiple UCs and was admitted to all she applied to. I don't think a particular UC cares whether or not you applied to another UC.</p>

<p>You have to remember that the UCs are not small LACs trying to hand-craft a student body. If you fit, they'll admit. They could care less where else you apply. Also, people outside the UC differentiate between them a lot more than folks inside do. In other words, people who work for the UC know that it is THE University of California with different campuses -- not a bunch of unrelated universities that just share a name. I doubt that UCSD admission officers would mind if you chose Irvine instead. (IANAAO for the UC. I do have two degrees from there...)</p>

<p>oh wow i didn't expect such quick responses esp. the night before thanksgiving; i really appreciate it! </p>

<p>i really want to apply to all esp. since i qualify for a fee waiver, though i don't know how many it will cover...i'm thinking UCI...i'd like to apply to UCLA but judging by my lack of junior year, i don't know how i can compete with the large applicant pool...and alsooo, i know that in calculating the UC gpa, they use sophomore and junior grades...since i don't have a junior year, i'm wondering if they'd use my sophomore year only? or my soph+freshman year or my soph+senior year o_0 my freshman year GPA was 4.0uw, sophomore year was 3.66uw(the year i desperately wanted to make up for). i want to mention that since my junior year was disrupted, it affected my ability to raise my GPA/take standardized tests/basically do everything since junior is the most important year of high school in my app essay but i just don't know how to incorporate that in without sounding like a pathetic "it wasn't my fault" applicant</p>

<p>i greatly appreciate the advice and am definitely going to apply to more UC's, even if they are out of my league bc i've heard of many applicant's with less than what some may call extraordinary stats be accepted...thanks for the encouragement</p>

<p>I believe fee waiver qualifies you for up to 4 campuses.
Personally, I don't think you should make this a personal statement, but rather, the extra information at the end.</p>

<p>oh i thought the extra info at the end, the three questions, was the personal statement? i kno that when i was putting the years i went to school, i didn't mark junior year and so there was a box at the bottom to explain..</p>