Very Very Important!!!

<p>I am a junior and am deciding on what 3 sat2's to take this year. I have planned writing, us history, and math 2c. The problem is im taking the new sat in march and the writing sat2 is the exact same as the writing section on the new sat. The writing sat2 isnt offered past january and i was planning to take it before then, but if i take the new sat, wont colleges think that im basically cheating them out of taking 3 sat2's because im really taking the writing twice? Will colleges like harvard look down upon that or not count my taking the writing sat 2? Anyone know?</p>

<p>why don't you ask harvard? lots of us are seniors who wouldn't know.</p>

<p>does anyone know who to contact in harvard?? or are there any juniors that know??</p>

<p>go to the harvard admissions website and click 'contact.' call the phone number there, they're really helpful-- you don't need to talk to anyone specific, just a receptionist. also read the faq on standardized testing.</p>

<p>btw, since many harvard applicants have <em>more</em> than 3 sat2's, it would look pretty lame to take, effectively, only two, as you're suggesting. why not take a science, or english lit? if you spend this year reviewing wisely (rather than freaking out about college business, ie spending time here) you'll find the science sat-ii's easy.</p>

<p>Do NOT take the writing SAT II; Harvard will still want 3 SAT IIs, and one of them CANNOT be the writing SAT II in the future, when, as you note, the SAT I will essentially incorporate it. This informaqtion was conveyed to interviewers at last weekend's Admissions Conference.</p>

<p>ok thanks!</p>