Vet school track after HS?

<p>While most med school tracks are 4 years of college, MCAT, and 4 years of med school and residency/fellowship, there are a few dozen programs that offer 6/7/8 year programs where you don't have to qualify again for med school. </p>

<p>Are there similar programs for Vet school in the US where you are granted admission after HS, and as long as you keep your grades up, admission to Vet school is guaranteed and you don't need to compete again to get admitted? If not in the US, do these exist in places like Canada, and is getting a foreign Vet degree accredited in the US a complicated process similar to what the foreign medical students go through?</p>

<p>Yes. My daughter is a senior at Kansas State University and she was conditionally accepted to the DVM program simultaneously with her acceptance as an undergraduate. She will be continuing on to vet school at K-State. She applied during her senior year in high school through the Veterinary Scholars Early Admission Program at K-State's vet school. Here's a link to K-State's program: College</a> of Veterinary Medicine To my knowledge, similar programs are offered by Purdue University, the University of Missouri and Mississippi State University in conjunction with their respective colleges of veterinary medicine. There are some programs at other schools that have conditional admission programs for college freshman and sophomores, but the four schools mentioned above are the only ones that I know of that are targeted at high school seniors. Be advised, though, that the competition for admission to these programs is intense and that many admitted students eventually wash out before making it to vet school. If you have further questions, feel free to PM me and I'll try to help and/or put you (or your child) in touch with my daughter.</p>

<p>gbesq, thank you so much for the info. D has gone to vet camps over the last couple of summers and is a sophomore who's going to be spending some time this summer at Tufts and also interning with our local vet. I want her to be really sure what she wants to do if she decides to go this track.
We'll check the programs you've listed - great info - and really appreciate your offer to have your D provide words of advice for her.</p>

<p>My pleasure. Best of luck to your daughter.</p>