Vet School with a 3.3 GPA?

Would it be possible?

Are you referring to high school or college gpa?

If you are referring to high school, it doesn’t matter as veterinary admission is not based on high school grades.

If you are talking about college, yes admission with a 3.3 gpa is possible. There are different gpa calculations that vet schools will use for comparing applicants. Some vet school only require a minimum overall gpa and then look at the last 45 credit hour for actual ranking applicants. Other vet school factor in the science gpa calculation. Also, remember grades are only one part of the equation. Veterinary experience, letters of reference, GRE scores, extra curricular activities and leadership positions are an important part of the vet school application. While grades matter and showing you can handle a tough course load is important, there have been 4.0 applicants denied admission as they are missing the other equally important parts of their application.