<p>I am excited and a little anxious starting this summer 2014, my major is Transportation and Logistics. I have not quite reached out to any veterans in campus. My question is how is the Veteran student population support? And what is the success/graduation rate data of the veterans?
Thank you.</p>

<p>First of all, thank you for your service to our country. We have a wonderful support system for Veterans! In fact, we have been named a Top Military Friendly School by G.I. Jobs Magazine for the past 5 years. We do not have the success/graduation rates for veterans at this time, but visit our Military and Veterans’ Resource Center website, <a href=“”></a>, for more information on how we address the unique needs of Veterans. </p>

<p>The Veterans Resource center have numerous resources for the success of every Veteran enrolled, but when I asked the success/graduation rates of the Veterans unfortunately they do not track them. The VA Post 9/11 educational benefits , VA Vocational Rehabilitation funds the veterans to go to school together with the the tax payers money. Would there be a time that a study of success/graduation rates of Veterans be available in the future? Or have you considered doing it? Having this information available would reinforce the University’s commitment to the veterans success and will generate more support from both the public and private sectors.
Thank you.</p>

<p>We will make that recommendation to our Department of Institutional Research (who is responsible for all official stats for the University). We agree that it is important information to share. Let us know if we can be of further assistance. </p>