Veterans and College Admission Officers

Wow not sure where this thread belongs, but anyways…

…there’s a considerable possibility that I’ll be joining the military. I would much prefer to attend college, but because of my family’s financial situation, I have little choice but to join the Air Force.

I would then eventually get my college education after serving active duty for about four years.

Now recruiters keep emphasizing on how the military pays for college education, and yes it is true to some extend. The GI Bill does pay about $10,000/year for four years after an honorably discharge from active duty.

What I don’t know is what kind of education I will receive during and after serving in the military.

As a 24-26 year old veteran, how will colleges view me as an applicant?

I don’t wish to attend a community college or a small unrecognized university, but rather a more prestigious school such as a your average state school.

I still have not made my final decision to join, but if joining the military will jeopardize my acceptance to a university I’m worthy of attending or decrease the value of my education, then I may just not join, but instead, pull out student loans.

Is there anyone in here with knowledge in affairs between veterans and admission officers?

I have a really bad gut feeling about joining and its affects on my education.