Veterinary Careers and Requirements

<p>I looked into some vet careers that I can find. I found Veterinary Pathology, and recently found the Veterinary Pharmacy. (that no one knows about according to my last thread lol) I looked at some colleges and found some interesting facts that scared me half to death. It said the classes to take or prereq's to go into the field of Vet med is: </p>

<p>-Biology (I love it, no prob)
-Organic Chemistry I & II (I love organic things lol)
-Biochemistry (my favorite unit in Biology)
-General Chemistry I & II (uh-oh! I like but I see many hardships in my future)
-Physics I & II (I did so bad in that class my freshman year, I'm going to die in that class)
-Calculus (AHHH~! :O I'm only in Geometry and Algebra II right now (Sophomore))</p>

<p>I don't think I can survive. I really want to go into the field of Veterinary Medicine, but I'm incredibly scared if I don't get into a school or fail those classes. I'm not super strong in math. I'm only in Biology now, about to be Chemistry next semester and I don't know what's it like. Should I give up being a Veterinarian? Or pursue my other career as a Biology teacher or Physician Assistant :( Thanks for making it this far in reading. Anything is appreciated.</p>

<p>Don't panic.</p>

<p>Yes, the list of pre-req's is daunting, but if you are strong in the sciences - and overall it sounds like you are - then you have lots of options. </p>

<p>The bad news - vet school admission is very, very, very, very competitive. Very. The good news. It's not impossible, and even if you rethink your career path along the way your science degree will be a great launching pad. </p>

<p>My D also loves bio. She doesn't LOVE chem, but she's making it through. Physics was her hardest class this year, but again - she busted her butt and got through with a B. She also isn't super strong in math, but she's taking what she has to. The key is to study - I mean Study (note the capital S). </p>

<p>AND get some experience. Everything we've been told indicates that vet schools want to see small & large animal experience on your resume, as well as volunteer hours and an actual J O B. </p>

<p>Be sure to check out the student doctor (vet) forums online -very inside scoop informative. You'll find links on the boards here.</p>

<p>Oh, and D also took an animal behavior class this semester and attended a seminar which made her consider research as a career option. Just want to pint out that there are many, many opportunities for people with a science background and a love of veterinary medicine.</p>

<p>Now, go study.</p>

<p>And good luck ;)</p>

<p>@timeflew Lol I will. You know they say, It's better to feel the pain by studying, than feel the pain of regret. Thanks again.</p>