VHS Learning AP Bio or other AP classes?

Anyone have any experience with VHS Learning’s AP classes?

I’m half way to pressing go on AP Bio but I’m afraid I don’t know much about the course.

Especially I want to know how hard it is to get an A. Less concerned about the actual AP test.

My kids really liked VHS. One took AP environmental science with them, and I forget the others. I then helped raise money so our school could join, which meant 25 slots for free classes per semester for our small school. The students loved the choices and some were really excited about it (kids who normally didn’t like school included).

We also used Aventa Learning (you can google that). Our school also accepted that. AP US History there, before we knew about VHS and kid got a 5.

VHS and Aventa are structured a little differently. VHS has weekly deadlines and at least back then, Aventa didn’t.

I know of other local schools using VHS to provide enrichment basically. Very well-trusted and popular.

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I’m signed up for AP Bio today, far more expensive than the alternatives. But there’s the least amount of information about how the class is run on VHS of any provider. Just went out on a limb. And no info available until the course starts, which is when full refund ends.

My main concern is a lot of busy work, which unfortunately was a refrain on niche dot com reviews of VHS.

The other concern is ease or difficulty in getting an A. Less concerned about the AP exam itself.

PA Homeschoolers has some great teachers, esp. Physics and Chem (my brother is going to do Physics with them) but one AP Bio teacher there has horrible reviews on site, and the other no reviews.