Video Auditions?

Wondering if anyone knows a student who was accepted from a video audition, or knows how many (if any) students are usually admitted from recordings per year. Website says “Applicants to the BFA in Musical Theatre are strongly encouraged to audition on campus or at the Unified auditions” so I know it isn’t ideal, but I may have no other choice. Also, from that statement could one assume that it may reflect badly on the student if they didn’t come on-campus? I truly like this program and I don’t want to seem uninterested in the school, but going on-campus may not be possible. Hopefully I will be able to work something out but I’m curious about these statistics just in case. Thank you!

Call the Admissions office for the Westminster College of the Arts at Rider and speak with Kate Shields, or one of her colleagues – Kate is exceedingly nice and informative and will answer all your questions, once you explain your situation.