Video games as a "hook?"

I know how absurd this probably sounds, but here me out. In the world of E-sports, there is an annual competion called the Wolrd Cyber Games (WCG) In this tournament, over 50 countries send 1 to 2 people per game to represent their country. Last year i qualified after 2 national tournaments and represented Canada in Seul Korea. Would this be a good hook for an admissions essay? or do colleges want something more practical… I was second in Canada after all!

<p>That is a tricky one. If you are outstanding in something, it may be worth saying it. Problem is that today, devotion to video games is one of the major causes of failure for those students who do not succeed in first year and a college admin officer may question whether to admit a student that he suspects spends huge amounts of time doing it.</p>

<p>Well i've been going through highschool playing 2-4 hours a day and still maintaining an A average so...</p>

<p>You could write an essay about how great it felt to represent your country in the World Cyber Games, and tell about an experience you had there.. basically, I think as long as you don't write only about playing video games, it should be fine.</p>

<p>drusba devotion to athletics causes people to get lower grades in college too, but that doesn't stop adcoms from admitting athletes.</p>

<p>I say go for it.</p>