Videos of Willamette?

Are there any good Willamette videos on the college’s website or YouTube or someplace else? I couldn’t find any.

Check out–7ybCgIc

The best I can say about that one is that it isn’t less helpful than most of the other videos on YouTube with the word “Willamette” in the title.

Look under “Campus Vibe” here on CC, search for Willamette, and there are 3 videos and a few dozen photographs …

Willamette does have some nice videos on Vimeo.

As AmazingBlue mentioned, you should check out the videos on Willamette’s Vimeo account (there’s a lot of good content here):

I think this completely unofficial, non-school-sponsored video is pretty cool, but I do wonder what the backstory is. Was the video maker’s former girlfriend a student at Willamette? I like the music, which doesn’t seem to have much to do with the general college experience.

The women’s soccer team put together a few short videos of a virtual tour. It’s kind of cute and humorous:

And another one that I saw that was pretty good was by a college search company: