Viet 1A for International Studies Breadth?

<p>I was wondering if Viet 1A would fulfill the International Studies breadth requirement? I saw that 100A, 100B, and 101A fulfills it, but 100 series is considered 2nd year, and 101 is advanced. I don't know if I'd be able to pull off 100A with absolute ease considering I can't read or write Viet, but I know 1A would probably be a breeze for me and I can learn the basics.</p>

<p>No, 1A does not fulfill the international studies breadth :(. I am in the same boat, I kind of want to take 100A but am too afraid since it might be hard. I know I will be able to handle 1A though.</p>

<p>During CalSO I had the same question, and the answer was no. I already took Vietnamese during high school and passed the IB Vietnamese 1A test with a 6, so I'm just going to take 100A =/.</p>

<p>Were you able to get the entry code? If so, how? Thanks</p>