Vietnamese are not under reprecented in the UCs

<p>Many people here seem to think that Vietnamese are under represented in the UC system. They are not. Vietnamese make up around 5% of the UC undergraduate population but make up less than 1.5% of California population. They are in fact grossly over represented. This is not just for the UCs, infact Vietnamese trully are not under represented at any of the major Ph.D granting schools in the nation.</p>

<p>I haven't seen anyone say that Vietnamese are under-represented, but a higher percentage of them are socioeconomically disadvantaged compared to other Asian groups, which may give them a boost in admissions.</p>

<p>They don't get a boost in admission because schools don't took at scioecon status, they just look at race. A poor vietnamese imigrant gets no benifit for admission but a rich black student does for being black.</p>

<p>vtboy i think they take into account socioeconomic factors if it is clear that they have been a barrier that the student has overcome in order to succeed. simply being poor is not enough</p>

<p>The UCs certainly do give a boost for socioeconomic status if you write about it in your personal statement. This is exactly because affirmative action was banned by Proposition 209.</p>

<p>Im-blue actually some officials from various UC have said that people like Vietnamese who are grossly over reprecented shouldn't be included in benfits for socio-economic factors. Also vietnamese people have prop 209 to thank for their gross overreprcentation.</p>


<p>UC vs. Bakke --> legal banning of AA practices among UCs--> prosecution if any case of AA is found --> UCs are around 40% asian --> please do some research before crying woe is me</p>

<p>Justice I never said UC still practices AA, I just said what some UC officials have expressed as their opinion. Also many UC like UCLA have comeout and said they don't considure Socio-economic factors due to the fact that large number of Asians are in proverty. I have done my research, your the one who hasn't.</p>