Villanova 2024 Regular Decision

Hey! Just thought I’d start a Regular Decision thread for 2024 applicants to Villanova. Heard decisions are coming April 1st. Post any updates or stats of your applications:) My d already accepted to a few schools hoping this will be the next. Good luck!!

Is April 1st a confirmed date for RD decisions?


I don’t think it will be that late. Last year was 3/20 and year before was 3/22. It’s usually the Wed or Thursday of that week.

So meaning 3/18-3/19 or 3/25 - 3/26?

My guess is 3/19!!

Villanova is closed for next 2 weeks and posted in insta Villanova admission closed until further notice. You can contact them at stay safe out there!

Just announced RD is coming out 3/18 after 5 pm

Thank you!!!

where did they announce this?

@Luckyjade2024 its on their Twitter

thanks…didn’t see it

Good luck everyone!

I find out that my Certification of Financed, which was submitted on Nov 22, had a change of date from the original received date to February 21. Do you think this is any sign of acceptance? I know the result is coming out literally tomorrow but I still can’t help to wonder.

Good luck to all ! Fingers crossed for an acceptance from my girl’s #1…we sure could use some good news right now

anyone know what time today??? I can’t wait!

after 5PM EDT

anyone know the time it came out last year?

Got in! Business School!!! Good luck all- cant wait for fall!!