Villanova Acceptance Rates

Can anyone help with the following admission rate stats?

ED 1 - ?
Early Action - ?
ED 2 - ?
Regular Decision - ?

Started looking through the threads but couldn’t find anything.

Trying to help S21 to decide which avenue gives him the best chance.


ED1 is always the best option, if the school is his #1 choice.

Thanks @Lindagaf ! Actually, he’s using ED1 at another school so he’s deciding between ED2 and EA at Villanova. I’m just looking for the stats to help him.

I’ve heard that Villanova has a reputation of giving most ED1 acceptances to legacies and athletes (my son is neither).

ED is the ultimate sign of interest and commitment. How badly does he want to get in?


He’s choosing BC (a super reach) for ED1.

Villanova (another super reach) is his second choice.

They are both long shots but he’s realistic and has other options.

@STEM2017 would love to hear your son’s other choices. My S22 likes both of these schools as well but they would be pretty big reaches for him. Would love to hear what other “similar” schools you are using for reaches and matches.

Consider Dayton. Friendly culture and good sports. People I know there all love it. Good merit aid opportunities.

@MAmom111 BC and Villanova are the only two Catholic schools he’s applying to (right now). The rest of his list is a big mix. His major is comp sci so he has lots of options.

Thanks @evergreen5 Very helpful. We’re really just trying to figure out whether ED2 or EA gives him a better edge.

What I might consider then: apply EA, get response Jan 15, which is also the day RD/ED2 apps are due. If deferred, ask to convert to ED2. Ah, here, they may be hoping for that:

I suspect they have challenges with yield. I really wish they’d provide their EA answer in Dec. On the bright side, the Feb 1 deadline allows the applicant to receive most other late EA results.

If I recall, BC didn’t do a ton of deferring in their first year of ED, maybe 20% compared to the old 40% under EA, so hopefully you’d get a clear answer one way or the other.

Very helpful @evergreen5 Thank you!

Last year my daughter kept going back and forth regarding applying to Villanova ED1. She decided against it and it worked out for her. Nova was her first choice by a lot, and she was fortunate to be admitted but ended up choosing Boston College. She loved Boston so that was the deciding factor for her over Philly. She is currently a freshmen and couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. I feel she would have felt the same at most colleges as I believe your son will as well. Other schools that she applied were Dickinson, Franklin and Marshall, and Bucknell. She really liked Dickinson it’s located in a nice town and has a great campus. I really think essays matter as well as making a strong connection to your regional admissions officer. Good luck