Villanova Admission Averages

<p>Does anybody else notice how Villanova's admission stats(on their website) are a lot different than those of say College View and many other sites? For example VU's website says that the average ACT is 30-33 with a GPA of 3.81-4.2. College view has the ACT at a 29 and the ACT website has the ACT at a 29 also. US News has the ACT at a 29 too. Why are they so different, and what is the real average?</p>

<p>I think the difference is that the scores on the Villanova website are for accepted students. The ones on College Board (usually taken from the common data set) are for enrolled students. Some accepted students go elsewhere (usually the ones with higher scores who might have gotten in to an even more selective school). </p>

<p>I had this same confusion with a school that my child was considering, until someone pointed out this difference. Seems like a bit of a game (not wrong but definitely confusing) that schools play with their scores.</p>