Villanova and Scholarships

<p>When will we know if we received a scholarship from Villanova? Do they send it with the acceptance letter or is it a few weeks/months after the acceptance?</p>

<p>Villanova offers very little in scholarship money. There big one is the Presidental Scholarship. They receive around 900 nominations. Last year, I think 54 were selected at finalists in January. At that time, the strongest EA students were also contacted by an alumni and were given interviews. Out of the 54 Pres Scholarship finalists, I think 22 were offered the complete free ride. The ones that did not receive the Pres Scholarship were given about 1/2 a scholarship. Many of the kids that my son met on the Pres Scholarship weekend that did not get it, did take the partial scholarship and are very happy with that. Hopefully, someone else can answer your question about other types of scholarships. Good luck!</p>

<p>You will not hear from Villanova regarding any financial aid, including merit scholarships until the end of March. Besides the Presidential scholarship mentioned above, most of the merit based scholarships are based on financial need.</p>