Villanova Class of 2025 -- Regular Decision

A thread for Villanova University RD applicants. Feel free to ask questions and post your stats :slight_smile:
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Has anyone heard anything about the date? Is it for sure April 1 or does anyone know if they will be releasing any early?

I just received an email from Villanova that states that I’m eligible to apply for some scholarships what does this mean?

it said it doesn’t guarantee admission but could it indicate possible admission?

Yea that’s what I wanna know haha

FYI - although they indicate admissions decisions will be made by 4/1, based on prior experience and threads, decisions usually come out during 3rd week in March. I would expect on or about 3/19.

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Well I didn’t get that email so I am guessing I won’t be getting in…

noo don’t say that! it’s not implied that it’s a guaranteed admission they literally say that in the email

They said it went to everyone who qualified and it’s not a guarantee of admission!! The one I got an email about was for URM and first gen applicants

Yeah, but I’m wondering if that means that they are interested.

Me too. I read about the scholarship I was told to apply for and the criteria was URM or first gen, and US citizen. Then it also said you need exemplary high school records, leadership roles, etc. So I guess if you qualify then you also meet that last part of the criteria which probably means they’re interested.

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Oh… well that’s good to hear because I am definitely not first-gen. Isn’t URM minority scholarship? I wouldn’t qualify for that either.

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Yeah, I’m not sure if we got notified of the same scholarship but from your description it sounds like it. So, I’m curious to learn more about what this means lol.

Yeah, URM is like underrepresented minorities. Don’t worry about this too much, it’s mainly just speculation!

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does anyone know if villanova reaching out to apply to a scholarship means strong consideration of admission?

Chance me! Deferred from Early Action
101.9 W (school doesn’t give unweighted)
7 APs by the end of this year: AP Bio, Calc, Gov, Physics, Lang, US History, Italian
Over 15+ honors classes
4 years of continuous community service
NHS and 3 individual honor societies
2 years as Vice President of school club
4 years apart of school dance team

Any idea for when RD will go out?
Also deferred EA.

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Their website says “by April 1” for RD… the same date they gave in my son’s deferral letter (deferred EA).

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Past year’s RD release dates…

2018 - Thur, March 22nd
2019 - Wed, March 20th
2020 - Wed, March 18th
2021 - ?

So it could be as early as this Wednesday (3/17) or as late as next Friday (3/26) - hopefully.


Thanks for sharing this! I hope they release this week!

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