Villanova Honors Program

I am looking to get first hand knowledge about Villanova’s Honors program. If you have been in the program are you happy you were? Is the workload a lot more challenging? Did you live in Honors specific housing, if so do you recommend? I appreciate any and all opinions. Thanks!

My son did Honors, he is currently a senior. Yes, he was happy he did it. He did live in the honors specific housing and liked it there. He did not think the workload was more challenging, but he did have issues fitting honors classed into his schedule. That is not really a Villanova issue…his major has a ton of requirements and it is just how it is, honestly. Hope that helps some.

Thank you! I feel like some honors programs are more rigorous than others and I do not want to get in over my head. What school is he in? Just wondering why he had a hard time fitting his classes in.

He is Astrophysics, which is already brutal, but he is also getting a second degree in Math & Stats. I think if you are doing one major that is not Astrophysics, it will be easier. Astrophysics gives you a Physics minor, so there is a ton of required coursework already. Hope that helps.

Astrophysics is not on my list so I’m good. :slight_smile: Thank you!