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Hey all,
Just thought it would be a good idea to post a thread for people that were invited to the Honors College / St. Augustine Scholarship to post their stats here. I received an update on my portal today that I was not offered invitation to the Honors College with a 1540 SAT and 4.3 WGPA. Curious to see who was let in, and what my chances are for the St. Augustine scholarship from here.

where do you see this update?

@marcerino ^

@marcerino, thanks for starting this thread. After I read it I checked my portal and received the same message (that i was not invited to the Honors Program). I applied EA and was accepted, but I did not indicate that I wanted to be considered for the Honors Program. I was nominated by my high school for the Presidential and I wrote and submitted the essays on time. I wonder if this “Honors” announcement means I will not be considered for the Presidential. If anyone has information, please post.

I do not see an update. Where are you seeing this?

For me, right under the “Application Status” box, there is a heading in bold entitled “Honors Update”

Wondering of Honors is linked to St Augustine at all? Did not submit for Presidential- was not aware of it at the time but holding out hope for a St Augustine invitation. Was not asked to join Honors.

I wonder if they are notifying only people who did not receive honors, because my son (36 ACT, 4.14 GPA) did not get any update at all. Unless I am missing something. I see:

Status Update
An update to your application was last posted January 11, 2019.
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We clicked everywhere and nothing new. @marcerino I am surprised with your stats you didn’t get in.

@WineLover That very well could be the case. They are supposed to notify people of Honors invitations by the end of January, so my assumption is that he most likely got in if he hasn’t been notified otherwise. Keep us updated and let’s hold out hopes for the scholarship!

@WineLover That sounds likely.

I got in EA with a 35 ACT, 4.26 wGPA and I have not seen an update.

@marcerino same for my son. Not in Honors. I am not sure if that is linked to eligibility for St. Augustine scholarship?

OK, I just looked on the website and we didn’t realize you had to apply to the honors program. That’s too bad because it was not obvious on the common app. I just went back and looked, and it is not clear on the common app how to apply. Was there a separate application for the honors program?

@WineLover - I do not see that anywhere either

Here are the links to the Nova honor program and scholarship application

OK, so I guess it’s clearly decided DS will not attend Villanova if he did not get into honors. To have to apply is kind of strange when there was not clear indication to do that. And how they would think someone with his stats would enroll without being in honors is kind of strange too. Oh well…water under the bridge. It would be interesting to see if he got the scholarship but not in honors…now that would be an interesting dichotomy.

@WineLover I don’t think you have to apply unless you’re already a current student. It seems perspective students are invited without application:
“Students accepted to Villanova University are invited to the Honors Program at the time of their acceptance to the University. Students are strongly encouraged to submit their Villanova applications by November 1.

Current Villanova students with a GPA of at least 3.50 may apply for admission into the Honors Program.”

@marcerino Thanks so much for checking that. This is what I found on the Villanova website about prospective students:

“Students interested in Honors should apply to Villanova by November 1 to be considered for the Program. Applicants interested in being considered for the Program must ‘indicate this on the member section of the Common Application.’ Students admitted to Villanova University are invited to the Honors Program within a week of their acceptance to the University. Those not initially invited may request to be added to the waiting list for consideration should space be available after the May 1, 2019 enrollment deadline.”

I am unclear what they mean by member section of the Common App, and looking at the application my son submitted, there was nowhere I could see that asked the question about honors program. That is why I think we may have missed something? They also say they are invited at the time of acceptance…and that did not happen. The only other thing I am wondering is whether something would be in the packet.

My S18 was accepted EA to Villanova last year and was not invited to Honors, or invited to apply for St. Augustine scholarship. He was nominated by his school and did apply for the Presidential, but did not make it past the first round. He had very high stats (4.3 wgpa, 36 ACT, NMF,12 APs,…) and good ECs both academic and athletic; he was a very well rounded student. He even contacted Villanova to ask for reconsideration for Honors but was only put on a waitlist.

Villanova totally dropped off his list because of this lack of invitation to honors and scholarship. It had been one of his top choices. I was very surprised by this outcome, and noticed that last year’s threads about honors and St. Augustine showed several students with lower stats receiving both. It must be very holistic and I do believe that my S was your run-of-the-mill Villanova student, outside of his high stats.

Thanks @appalachymom. Can you share whether you had to do anything special on the common app to become considered for honors? That is what is puzzling me. S19 did not get any notification on his portal either way, whereas some students are being notified they did not get into honors. S19 has similar stats to your son. Very strange that your son was not invited to apply for scholarship and not invited to honors. Where did he end up?

@appalachymom Wow, it definitely must be holistic. To me though, an Honors College should be purely about academics. It is a bit odd that people well above the median at Villanova didn’t get invited. My guess is that spots are very limited and it’s much more likely for you to get in after you are enrolled to ensure yield or because they value doing well at their school more than doing well on standardized tests in HS (naturally).