Villanova Nursing Transfer

I am currently a sophomore nursing student at Villanova. I really do not like the social life here and have issues with diversity (I’m a gay student). I thought that I would be able to adjust better to the environment, but I have had a lot of difficulty making friends. I’ve tried joining organizations and reaching out to people, but the majority of the student body here is just not friendly unless you can offer them something.
I’m interested in transferring, but not sure where to even really look. I want a school that’s bigger, more liberal, in/closer to a city, and has good sports/spirit. I wanted to stay in the Northeast (I’m from NY), but I’m willing to look elsewhere within the country. I know it’s tricky with nursing transfers, but I just want to give it a shot. I also get really good aid from Nova that makes it cheaper than my state schools, so I would like to go somewhere that could provide me with that same type of funding.
Thanks so much and I appreciate any advice or suggestions!

PITT nursing might be a good fit for you except they won’t provide the funding you need.

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I actually applied to Pitt and they gave me really great aid, it was comparable in price to Nova

You should reach out to them. Unfortunately transfers often don’t receive the same level of aid but it’s worth investigating.