Villanova Presidential EA essay

The prompt was pretty much “what will you contribute to the villanova community.” Tear it apart my friends!

<pre><code>The question has been posed, and I have set to pondering. What will I add to the Villanova community? At first glance, it seems a straightforward question. But upon further analysis, I have found that I am having trouble pinpointing that one attribute of mine that would add to the vitality of the accomplished Villanova fellowship. What do I have that I could offer to the masses at this university? Surely, I have many positive character traits, if I may shed my modesty for a moment; but which of these will serve the purpose of bettering the gifted populace of Villanova? Ah, but I must ponder further to hit upon that elusive characteristic of mine…

As I sat contemplating, my gaze fell upon one of the many pieces of artwork that I have created which now take up residence on the walls of my bedroom. Yes, that was surely the trait I had been searching for! Creativity! What better way could there be to add to the Villanova community than to create beautiful pieces of art that could bring joy and, if my artistic talent is what I hope it to be, wonderment to those who bear witness to it. It could even bring inspiration, as I have been inspired by the artwork of my peers on countless occasions. To inspire another is the greatest achievement an artist can hope to attain. Yes, if I could inspire just one of those gifted students or faculty members at the revered school of Villanova, I would have added much to its community. However, I am beginning to think I was too rash in my decision. After all, not everyone is interested in art and not all those who view it can appreciate its true value. It is true that I could add to the community through my creativity, but there must be a way in which I can reach out to more people, to achieve greater success in my mission of community enhancement.

Again, I fell into a state of concentration. What will I, Dan Miceli, bring to Villanova? I then noticed a flash of pink in my peripheral vision. I focused my sight in its direction and realized it was the participation certificate for the “Taking Strides for Breast Cancer” walk. Could that be the quality that I possess that would benefit the community at Villanova? Charity? Yes, surely that could be it! I could arrange events such as this to benefit those at Villanova who are less fortunate than I, those who are in ill health, either physically or mentally. Ah, this leads to another area in which I can aid others. Giving advice has always been a forte of mine, as has been the lending of my moral support. Those who seek charity will find a benefactor and a friend in me. But…again, this trait of mine is only useful to those who seek my help, to those specifically looking for one trying to help those in the community. Another character trait found, and another that must be disregarded for it does not better the entire community.

It seems the search has become quite desperate. I must find that one ability that will better the whole of the nation of Villanova. No, it is not creativity or charity. Ah, let me clear my mind a moment and perhaps it will come to me. After I check my email I will ponder once more – wait, what’s this? It is a message from one Sarah Lerner, Administrative Assistant of the Cooper Union Research Foundation. Memories of a summer spent doing research and learning of the mechanical engineering trade flash through my mind. How could I not have thought of this? Ambition! My ambition could certainly bring something to Villanova, for I have ambition in all of my pursuits, both academic and outside of school. I could create a new club or philanthropic organization that would rise above the others and welcome willing students from Villanova. I could work to bring more attention to Villanova through my research. Or, I could simply act as a tour guide and do my best to do my job well and get aspiring students to enroll at my prestigious school! Ah, but I am getting ahead of myself. I have not yet found out if it will, indeed, be my school. However, it seems another partially beneficial character trait has been unearthed. Certainly not everyone would be interested in my club, and I certainly could not persuade every prospective student to enroll at Villanova. It seems the question has no true answer.

Yes, this is my conclusion. There is no one answer to the question of what I will bring to the Villanova community. This is because I will bring everything I have to offer, but will only be able to offer it to those willing to take it. I will bring to Villanova’s community what it will have of me. I will not hold back in pursuit of selfish desires. No, I will try and be as selfless as possible and in so doing, I will add that which is most important to the Villanova community: everything I can.

Copyright © Dan Miceli :slight_smile:

<p>Wow, this hit bottom fast...opinions please!</p>

<p>C'mon guys this has to be submitted by Nov 1st...I need some input! Or...has it left you all breathless?! lol.</p>

<p>To be honest, I would have read it if it wasnt 1000+ words. So there is a suggestion!</p>

<p>its only 820 words :P. Their requirement is "at least one page." This is 2.5 pages double it's really not that long.</p>

<p>Villanova is NOT a good school trust me. You have a better chance at Lehigh or Bucknell. Academically, it's ok but not challenging. Its honor program is weak. You have at a 1150 SATs u r in. Don't apply it's a waste. I have visited the campus it's nice but the dorms are like terrible. They look like they have been there since the 1850s. A lot of frosh transfer to Haverford because it is much better. Trust me u will hate when u get there.</p>

<p>I am applying to Lehigh and Bucknell as well (and cornell, princeton, tufts, penn state, binghamton). I am just applying to villanova to see if I can get a free ride. If its free, its a better financial safety than binghamton, and probably better than some of the other schools if they are 30k+ a year :p</p>

<p>ANYWAY, how about some input on the essay, guys. lol</p>

<p>Villanova is not a bad school. On what information are you basing your response on bballplayer? It is the number one master's university in the north. Additionally why does the SAT range fall well within the mid 1200 range? I think you need to get back to the drawing board before making statements such as those...</p>

<p>Could someone please comment on my essay?!?! :o</p>

<p>I like it a lot. Interesting style - show it to some adults and get their opinion. :)</p>

<p>Thanks, LSA, I showed it to my AP english teacher and she was really impressed with it. That's about the only adult I trust to review my writing, haha. Anyone else have opinions before I submit this?</p>

<p>I'm an adult and I think it's excellent, however, it does seem a bit long. I think it's probably head and shoulders above essays that other prospective Villanovians submit.</p>

<p>submitting today, any final thoughts?</p>

<p>If you want people to look at your essay, have a catchy topic name.. Villanova presidential EA essay = booring = not opening thread.</p>

<p>Look at the menstration one, nearly 1400 views and 5 pages of replies..</p>