Villanova Presidential Scholarahip 2024

Wanted to create this so that everyone who applied for the Presidential could chat! Comment below stats/any news you hear about it/etc (:

How are you notified for Presidential Scholarship? Will another tab appear like the Honors tab? There is a big window for interviews and I would love to book a ticket since we have to fly in. Does anyone know if you are accepted as a finalist in the next week, will they allow you to book an interview on a first come first served basis or do you get assigned a slot?

I also have these questions! Hopefully someone who’s gone through it before will know and be able to help(:

I think they will send an email when notifications are released on the admissions portal - possibly a whole new tab. The website says that results are posted by January 31st, so we’ll be hearing something in the next week!

As for tickets/flying in, I also have to book airfare and am hoping that it will be that way. Reading past forums has led me to believe that there are some activities that weekend other than the interview, so flying in would have to be by the first event and interview times, I’d think. How do you know the interview slots?

Do you already know when the interview will be? Or do you think can be done in one of the event they have been inviting the admitted students and the honor students.?

Hi All-
I could be completely wrong, but as they require you to stay on campus all three days (February 16-18), I believe there’s a series of meet and greets, activities and maybe more than one interview situation (whether informal or formal). Last year they seemed to hear by January 30th so we are hoping to hear by then. Good Luck!

Good luck to you all! We’re getting close to the deadline…could be out any day now! Waiting on pins and needles over here, haha, but can’t wait to know.

Check your portals for updates on the Presidential invites. Unfortunately my D wasn’t invited to interview. The eight essays were for naught… very disappointing.

Mine was not either. Are there any other merit scholarships for which they can be considered?

How do you know that the invites went out?

@Susanb33 My daughter received an email to check her portal this afternoon-she did not receive an invite either. She said there were 1,970 applications this year for 25 scholarships. She is still very excited to attend!

I wasn’t invited to interview either. Hoping for better news for others!

I got an interview! very excited but also nervous

@Ocean20 thank you!

Anyone know how many were invited to interview?

Hi everyone! I have a quick question. I was notified today that I got a $16,000/yr merit scholarship and am a finalist for the Presidential Scholarship. Which I am over the moon about! However, I am a bit confused bc a week or two ago I received notice that I was deferred from EA. So my question is: how could I have received a scholarship when I haven’t even gotten in? Is this typical procedure for finalists or is something off that I need to contact the admissions office about?

My D was a finalist 2 years ago. You do have to be at the interview weekend all dates. My advice to finalists is to really think long and hard about whether you would attend if given the scholarship. They are very concerned about their yield with finalists and will not award the scholarship to anyone who will likely go elsewhere. Good luck!

My DD wasn’t invited either. Very disappointed. Hoping to see a silver lining. Flying to ND next week for their presentation.

I know it’s a year later but wondering how this turned out for people. My daughter was nominated for Class of 2025 - what were some of the qualities in the finalists? Academic, well roundedness, other?

Did anyone get the scholarship on this thread?

I hope your freshman year was positive given the pandemic!!

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