Villanova Presidential Scholarship Finalist Notification Date

Hi, I was wondering about how Villanova notifies Presidential Scholarship nominees if they are finalists. Does the school only notify those who reach the finalist level, or are “rejection” letters sent to those who did not reach the finals as well? Also, are students notified about updates to their status in the Presidential Scholarship application through the applicant status page, by mail, or both?


Finalists are notified on your application portal page. Top right hand corner. Notifications came our last evening.

If my daughter was not selected for the Presidential Scholarship, does that mean she will not receive any merit money?

@momoffive; did your daughter receive notice she was in consideration for the Villanova Scholarship? if she did, she’s still technically consideration.

D received an email. The email is the same letter posted to the portal.

For Villanova scholarship, D received a snail mail letter.

If you look at the letter that was posted on your daughter portal regarding the Presidential Scholarship it states that there is still an opportunity for need based grants. No mention of merit money. Unless she is in the running for the Villanova Scholarship I would have to think there is no other merit money coming your way. Villanova Scholarship candidates were notified about 2 weeks ago.

Any finalists also receive another scholarship? My D received a letter a few weeks ago that she would be interviewed for the Villanova scholarship, but no one ever contacted her. Her presidential finalist letter mentioned a scholarship that isn’t anywhere on the Villanova website. So I’m a little confused.

My daughter still hasn’t received a phone call regarding her interview as a Villanova Scholarship finalist. Her letter stated to call if she wasn’t notified by 1/31. So I guess she might be calling tomorrow.

My son received an email last week regarding the Alumni Interview for the Villanova Scholarship. He is interviewing this weekend. For sure make contact with the POC they had listed on that letter. I think it said if you did not hear by Jan 31 to let them know.

D heard back from admissions and they told her she didn’t need to interview since they gave her a scholarship and there is no stacking.

Hello all My D has her Villanova Scholarship interview this week. Curious if anyone knows what they are trying to determine with the interview? Interest or skills or something else?

NDNovaDad, I’ve heard that the Scholarship interview is a 2 way type of conversation. The interviewer is doing their best to sell the school while also confirming the interviewee is interested enough in Villanova. There’s a strong chance the school has already determined what amount your daughter will be awarded.

Thanks Krj957

I was not selected as a finalist, but I was still awarded a $5000/year scholarship. Did not have to do anything extra to apply for it

Hi! When did you receive your notification about the scholarship? I applied back in November and I know it is towards the end of January. I am super nervous!!

Hi there, I honestly can’t remember if/when my daughter received her notification about an interview. She applied early action and quickly received notification of a scholarship of $10,000 per year, but she did not end up attending Villanova in the end. Good luck to you!

For the class of 2025, are we supposed to be notified today? If so, does anyone know what time?

It says the latest we find out is today but I think they forgot lol

Has anyone heard anything?