Villanova Presidential Scholarship weekend

I just received notice that I was invited to NOVA’s campus for a three-day interview for the Presidential Scholarship. I am praying that I get it because I can’t afford it without this. Does anyone know how many students are invited for the weekend? It looks like 24 receive it (but 6 are for underrepresented students which I am not so really 18). Just wondering how many of the students from the group invited actually receive the scholarship.

Also wondering this.

@TommyBCBW first off, congrats! I received an invitation too, believe me, I’m hoping just as much as you do that I get the scholarship. Based off of my research and digging, around 50-60 people are there for the weekend and 24 are chosen, 6 of which are reserved for the underrepresented groups.

I think students of underrepresented groups have double the chance to be chosen as they can be chosen for a regular or reserved spot (I will say I’m personally grateful for this bit of an edge), though that’s just a big hunch of mine.

I’ve found nothing about how the actual program happens, or anything about the interview however. All I know is that we get to go to classes and we’ll be staying with someone on scholarship as of the email, but I’m still waiting on my second email with the itinerary.

Hopefully I helped out a little bit, good luck to you and I hope we both enjoy the program!

Thank-you! Best of luck to you too!

Okay you lucky devils … How did it go?
Hopefully well!!

Sadly, I didn’t get it. Told I was an alternate:(

Sorry to here you weren’t selected @TommyBCBW - any chance someone might select another school and you get the spot?
@crownedx930, how did you do? My daughter is only a junior but would love to go to Nova. I’d love to know how your experience with this process was.

@MAMom01810 I wasn’t selected either unfortunately, but I will say the consolation quarter tuition scholarship plus the aid I recurved was enough for me to be able to go anyways! If your daughter loves Nova, she’ll grow to love it even more if she’s accepted to go through the program. You become a student of sorts during the three days that you’re there and you get to know the campus on a different level. It was a big factor in my decision to go regardless of a full scholarship.

I will say when the nominations for next year arise, probably sometime around September or so, get on asking someone early! It’ll give her more time to work on it before the due date, especially with other college requirements to do. Hopefully she makes it next year, and I hope her college process goes well!

Thanks so much! So you’re going? Congratulations!!! She does love it and her spoke to her guidance counselor this week about it, she’s happy to nominate her. What was the application like? I saw 8 essays? What kind of questions?

One other question, did you apply early decision? Given its binding and if you can’t afford the school without support - how does that work? If regular decision, it’s after the Pres Scholarship deadline.

My son did not apply ED and decided against going due to the price. Yes the $16,000 scholarship was nice but unfortunately, we would still be required to pay $56,000 per year–I work at a Catholic HS and my husband is a gym teacher so we are by no means rich. I tried to appeal the aid offer to no avail. He was a nursing major and I was told that only two of the 24 can be from that major so I am not sure if that hurt him too but both the other 2 accepted. He also got into Georgetown and UVA which cost about the same after his scholarships. College is not easy on the middle class! Sadly, it is 5.14.20 and he has yet to commit. Leaning toward PSU Shreyers, Pitt Honors, Miami Honors or University of South Carolina Honors not because they are his preferred schools but because they are less than 1/2 of NOVA, Georgetown and UVA (USC he could go to for 3 years for the cost of 1 at the more prestigious). It breaks my heart but it is what we can afford. A quarter-million dollars for undergraduate school to become a nurse just doesn’t make sense. I hope that you have financial need or are divorced
because that is the only way they give $.

@TommyBCBW unfortunately I’m hearing you loud and clear now that we are in the thick of it and as two medical social worker, I think we are in a similar boat. Not divorced or having “significant financial need”. She was nominated for the presidential- and she is looking at some similar schools - UMiami, Pitt (shes been accepted).
Where did your son go? It’s been a challenging year with the pandemic. I hope everything worked out!

Hi, if I may ask, what day did you find out? I applied for class of 2025 for the scholarship as well and I am super nervous!!

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I’m not sure where I heard this but I believe they announce the finalist in early February. Last year there were something like 1900 applications and 60 finalist for 24 scholarships. Best of luck to you!

He ended up at PSU Main (Schreyers Honors College). One perk, he is already a lab assistant (he has switched from nursing to biomedical engineering with the hopes of medical school now). Somehow, he managed 22 credits the 1st semester earning a 4.0 and is tackling 24 now. With his AP credits coming in, he will have 76 credits at the end of freshmen year, something I doubt he could have handled at Georgetown, UVA, or NOVA (not that I think he should be doing that much anywhere!!!). I wish your child luck in deciding during these crazy times:)