Villanova Presidential

Hi. My D is applying for the Presidential . The essays are killing her!! Anyone else?

Yes! Theres so many. I think its to weed out people who don’t really have the commitment to apply.

I agree there are a lot of them! My S has yet to start on them, though. He’s waiting for semester exams to be done.

I guess it makes them really decide if they want to apply. These college essays are so much on top of senior year classes.

Since there are 8 makes you wonder if you should wait to see if you get in ED or EA before investing the time to write them all. I think short answers are harder than long essays to write. You have to be pretty clear and concise with your writing to stay within the word limits.

Any idea when we will hear about the next step? Does anyone know a prior recipient? I’m trying to find out what they are really looking for in a candidate.

Next Step: Decisions come out week of January 22.

Has anyone heard anything about the PS yet?

Decisions are posted to portals. Good luck to you all.