Villanova Transfer Fall 2021

I wanted to make this a topic but i might transfer to nova in fall 2021 and ill be a soph then. Nervous i wont meet friends so i dont know if i wanna transfer but if anyone else is or took their freshman year online and going back this fall as a soph let me know! my major will be criminology.

Hi! I applied as a transfer for Fall 2021 and will be a sophomore too. Anxiously awaiting decisions but I am nervous too. Transferring is super intimidating especially with COVID affecting freshman year so much.

When do you think decisions will be out?

Did not mean to post twice, having trouble editing LOL

When do you think decisions will come out?

No clue. Hopefully soon cause it’s getting close.

they said late may-june. So hopefully soon

whats ur insta?

@ mollysomogyi !

Yay! Do u know when we will hear?

Just got my acceptance!


Thank you so much!

@Msomo13 My son found out last night he was accepted to Villanova-he’s pretty happy about it! Is there a group chat or Facebook group for Fall transfers he can join?