Villanova University Early Action / Early Decision for Fall 2023 Admission

We are from the midwest. We can’t make admitted student day but will be doing all of the virtual admitted events for both parents and students so it is nice that they have that options.

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Hello and congratulations. Our daughter was also accepted and I would love to know more about this virtual admitted students day. Where did you find this?

In their portal under the Admitted Events tab, there is the option to attend the in person day, and on the left side there is a series of weekly virtual events, all with different topics.

Does anyone know how soon merit scholarship notifications are made after acceptance letters go out?

@kelijoven - Villanova doesn’t really award merit outside the presidential scholarship finalists and a few specialty scholarships

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@novacat9191 thank you :slight_smile:

That is straight yield protection.

Do you think he will still elect to go there if he gets in ?

Received Financial Aid Package from Villanova in mail last week. We were disappointed in need based aid grant offered what was much lower than expected. $10K lower than Net Price Calculator (NPC) estimate & $21K lower than other similar liberal arts school my daughter was also accepted to. Emailed FA office to verify accuracy. Happy for any grant money but NPC estimate was part of decision to apply. All other schools NPC has come out very close to offer. We’ll see how response & possible appeal works out.

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waitlisted i mean ok

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Congrats! My son is a current VSB Junior. He loves it there. V’s UP! Welcome to Nova Nation!

We rec’d $7k less than NPC. But another school, which claims 100% need met, was even less. Was hoping that school’s offer could be used for leverage with Villanova to bump up the grant but alas, no. Waiting on more decisions this week and hoping for some better offers. Every college “consultant”/expert I spoke with over the past couple of years insisted that the NPCs are pretty accurate but not so for me…

My daughter was just accepted into VSB and we are thrilled. Question for you, how is the social life? When my daughter told some friends that she got in a couple of people called it Villa no fun. We are visiting in April for admitted students day but was hoping to get input from someone who has attended and since your son is in VSB any opinions you have would be much appreciated.

Please reassure your daughter that there is PLENTY to do on and off campus. There’s a town nearby (Bryn Mawr) that is walking distance. There’s King of Prussia Mall that’s close by. Philly too. Activities on campus every single weekend and pretty much every day. Tons of clubs, sororities/fraternities, rec sports, club teams … Events are always happening. My son was a Freshman in Fall of 2020 (when activities were limited), and since last year he said it’s been the best ever because the campus is alive. He still liked Villanova in Fall of 2020, though it was admittedly quiet and “sleepy” because of the COVID limitations. Despite all that, Villanova still gave them an on-campus experience where many other colleges had students pay to sit at home and stare at a computer. My son liked that – he wanted the on-campus Freshman experience. Feel free to msg me for more details - I can also provide the FB group for Villanova parents who can help provide more info about what many girls like to do on/off campus. Tell your daughter not to let anybody discourage her based on what they’ve “heard” about the social life – they haven’t really experienced it for themselves. It’s a fun, safe campus. And yes, there are off-campus parties too, and formals, socials, etc. Once your daughter finds her group of friends, she’ll fit right in and the kids know how and where to find the fun things to do. It’s based on where their interests are. Hope that helps. FYI - the VSB is phenomenal. My son’s studying abroad this summer at the London School of Economics thanks to a referral from one of his VSB professors.

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Thank you SO very much! My son is beyond excited! I read your above post. Thanks also for that info.

How would your son describe the work/play balance with VSB? How is the workload? Any other advice for the incoming VSB freshman?

Just shared with my daughter and she is really excited. You’ve been a huge help. Thank you so much!!!

There’s actually a pretty good balance between academics and extra-curriculars. The cool thing for VSB kids is that they don’t need a traditional lab science (Chemistry, Biology, etc.) where they have a lecture science class and then an additional lab that goes into the night (like the bio/chem majors do) … unless they want to take that as an elective. My son didn’t. They do need some (not many) non-business “core requirement” classes, but they can take those whenever they want and don’t necessarily have to take them as Freshmen. Some classes have homework/assignments weekly, or projects, but that’s really based on the professors themselves. My son had some tough professors and some easy ones. But he’s learned a lot. His course load is significantly heavy as a Junior now (triple-major: Marketing, Business Analytics, and International Business) but the standard courseload is 15 credits. Students are allowed to overload (take up to 19 credits) with a high enough GPA. Some do, some don’t - depends on their course load that semester. Some students prefer to do their homework as soon as it’s assigned, some use the weekend to finish everything. Depends on the professors, and the deadlines. My son is in multiple clubs on campus and a fraternity … and he was at the Finn tonight for the NCAA women’s game @ Villanova. We’re in the SWEET 16!

Advice: take it all in. Take your time. If a class doesn’t feel right, it’s ok to drop it and swap it for another class he needs during Add/Drop Week. Sometimes that balances out a semester. If you want to look into study abroad, do it. VSB has amazing programs. There’s a program called Global Citizens for incoming VSB Freshmen. The COMMUNITAS/Learning Community programs for Freshmen are great - my son still hangs out with his Orientation group and he loved being in a Learning Community! If a class looks cool, take it. You never know - it could guide you to a minor or a co-major, more friends, or fun experiences.

Feel free to msg me to ask any questions - VSB/Villanova, etc. Happy to help! Welcome to Nova Nation!

That’s awesome! I’m glad I could help.

WOW… great info. Thanks!!!

My son is planning on applying to a Communitas/Learning Community. There are a few that interest him and it seems like a great opportunity.

Also, he actually just got the email last week about the Global Citizens program for VSB freshmen. Did your son do that or know anyone that did? He definitely wants to study abroad. He was not sure about leaving spring semester of freshman year though, but he is strongly considering it as it seems like quite the program. He wants to do an International Business co-major as well.

Is the Global Citizens program just for business majors?
I have also heard about two summer programs for first years: Connections and Unitas? Has anyone had any experience with either?