Villanova v. College of the Holy Cross

Hi! I am currently choosing between Villanova and HC for next year! I am lucky to have received a merit scholarship at HC but nothing at Villanova and I am planning on studying poli sci and econ. My main concern with HC is its size and that it does not seem to be very geographically diverse. How do the vibes compare at both schools and how do their social scenes differ? I would love any advice!

I would choose Villanova. I think the larger school size, along with slightly more geographic diversity, allows for a more balanced student population.

I view them as peer institutions and know people who loved both schools. Can your family afford Villanova with no debt/no hardship? How meaningful is the merit scholarship at HC to your family?

I’m not seeing a big difference in the geographic diversity of the two. Both draw 80% of their students from the Northeast. Yes, HC draws heavily from Mass/New England, but VU draws heavily from the NYC/Philly corridor. Regardless of the size of the two, you’ll have the same number of friends and as big a social circle at either one. HC is big enough. I’d make a decision based on other factors.

Both are great choices, but do some research about dorms. Nova has had a difficult time handling mold in some of the dorms and the tripling of dorms doesn’t help. HC has an amazing alumni network that reaches far beyond the NE area. Nova is well known too. Tough decision but congratulations!