Villanova vs Bentley University

<p>My son has been accepted into both Villanova School of Business and Bentley University to study business. And i was wondering what thoughts anyone has on which is the better school to go to?</p>

<p>villanova hands down, Bentley is a decent school for business but doesn't compare to Villanova. Villanova is the #7 business school in the country as ranked by businessweek</p>

<p>I go to bentley and I absolutely love it!!! The business program and career services here are awesome, i have a bunch of friends that are juniors that already have great jobs lined up when they graduate. I always feel like i am being challenged in the classroom and there is so much to do here on campus. Plus Boston is right down the street! I looked at Villanova too, but felt more at home here at Bentley with the class sizes, campus location and community. I suggest Bentley!!!</p>

<p>If I were u, I would choose Villanova over Bentley. My reasons would be villanova athletics + larger enrollment + internship + financial aid. Also, the businessweek rank seems pretty appealing:D That's just my opinion.</p>