Villanova Waitlist 2025

Hi :slight_smile: I wanted to create this thread to collaborate with others regarding the Villanova Waitlist for the class of 2025.

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Thanks! I’ve been looking for this thread. My S is waitlisted for VSB. We’re keeping our fingers crossed. Good Luck to you.

Thank you! You too! I plan on majoring in Psychology and Economics which are quite popular at Nova so I am crossing my fingers. Do you know the earliest when they can pull people off the list?

I looked at the waitlist threads from 2019 and 2020, and it looks like they started on May 1…but this year is unlike any other, so I guess anything is possible.

This is the only waitlist that will make a difference for my son. If chosen, with adequate aid, he will likely attend, even if he is called in August. Although I think he was put on the waitlist as a courtesy because he applied ED1. I honestly think he has little chance of acceptance.

My son just declined his admission offer. We love the school but the aid package didn’t make it affordable. Hope a spot is freed up for someone on the waitlist.


I wish him luck. Would you mind sharing his major?

He’s undecided, so college of arts and sciences. Going to Colby College for 1/2 the cost


Thanks for sharing. Good luck to him. Acceptance to Colby is definitely something to be proud of.


Son heard from Villanova today that they are unlikely to use the Waitlist.

We move on.

Did he email them or did they email him? I didn’t get an email

He wrote a letter of continued interest to his regional rep. The rep responded directly to him.

My rep told me that they will be using the waitlist.

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Did your rep give any more info?


did they give you any idea of when they’ll notify people

I’m thinking Nova2025 is not real.

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