Virginia Episcopal School ( Lynchburg )

<p>I just wanted to know what people, thought about this school ? I actually went to visit the school in June and I feel in love with the campus. It reminded me of a small college campus. I'm thinking of attending in the fall.</p>

<p>I briefly checked it out when searching schools to apply to. It's campus is actually rather small, but nevertheless nice....their college matriculation isn't that good, and neither is there average SAT score, but neither of those stats are really that important. I don't know much of their academics, but overall, it seemed like a pretty solid school. Good luck though! :)</p>

<p>That doesn't sound too good..</p>

<p>Boarding School Blog posted this:</p>

<p>Virginia Episcopal School Hires UVa Star as Head Basketball Coach
Posted: 02 Aug 2010 06:44 AM PDT</p>

<p>Boarding school (Oak Hill Academy) & UVa alumnus and all-time NCAA 3-point leader, Curtis Staples is the new boys’ head basketball coach at Virginia Episcopal School.
Staples and VES seem dedicated to building a healthy program with relationships, attitude, work ethic serving as the foundations. From The News & Advance (VES Names Staples Basketball Coach):
“…Incoming VES headmaster Tommy Battle said Staples’ work locally — more than his resum</p>