Virginia in state status?

<p>My daughter is applying to UVA. We live in Maryland but I work in Virginia. I'm part owner of a professional service corporation based in Virginia and I pay Virginia income tax based on K-1 profits (not W-2 earnings income). Does anyone know if this would qualify her for in state status for either admissions or tuition? Thanks in advance for any input.</p>

<p>I think you have to have residence.</p>

<p>The following was copied from UVa'a website:</p>

<p>Virginia Domicile</p>

<p>A dependent student, defined in the statute as one who is claimed as a dependent by parents or legal guardians for income tax purposes or who receives substantial financial support from them, is presumed to have the same domicile as his or her parents. If both parents are domiciliaries of a state other than Virginia, the student is considered to be a non-Virginian, even though the family may be residing in Virginia. If the parents are domiciliaries of separate states, the student may choose the parent through whom he or she wishes to obtain his or her domiciliary status. Under Section 23-7.4, domicile is a technical, legal concept that refers to the present, fixed, home of an individual to which he or she returns following temporary absences and at which he or she intends to remain indefinitely - one's permanent and lasting home.</p>

<p>In order for a non-military parent to demonstrate Virginia domiciliary status for purposes of in-state educational privileges two acts must occur simultaneously for a continuous twelve month period: physical residence in the State and the formation of the intent to remain indefinitely (domiciliary intent.) Domiciliary intent is evidenced by the filing of Virginia income tax returns, possession of a Virginia driver's license and motor vehicle registration, and other objective factors.</p>

<p>An active duty military parent may become a Virginia domiciliary if, while residing in Virginia, he or she adopts Virginia as his or her legal domicile. This is accomplished by filing a new State of Legal Residence Certificate declaring Virginia as one's domicile for income tax purposes and fulfilling the domiciliary intent requirements as discussed above. It is not possible to retroactively establish a Virginia domicile merely by filing a Virginia income tax return in April for the prior year and it is not possible to establish domicile from afar. There must be physical presence in Virginia simultaneous with the demonstration of domiciliary intent. However, the one year requirement is waived for active duty military personnel who fulfill all other conditions for establishing domicile.</p>

<p>Once Virginia domicile has been established, it is not forfeited by absences from the Commonwealth occasioned by changes in military orders. Provided that the military member continues to claim Virginia as his or her state of legal residence for tax purposes and refrains from acts inconsistent with a claim of Virginia domicile (such as voting in another state), he or she continues to be domiciled in Virginia, and is entitled to all of the privileges accorded Virginia domiciliaries.</p>

<p>A student claiming entitlement to in-state privileges through the military parent's status as a Virginia domiciliary must submit with the application a copy of the parent's Leave and Earnings Statement and other documents as requested.</p>