Virginia State Residency.

<p>Help me out.
I am applying for Early Decision at University of Virginia. But I am confused on some of the requirements for in-state tuition fees. Let me tell you my situation.
I am a lawful Permanant Resident of United States and I have been living in Virginia since May 2003 and I study in a Virginia High school . I earn my income in Virginia and pay state taxes for my income. My father too is a Permanant Resident of United States. He lived in Virginia for a short period of time.(6 months) He also paid his state taxes for 2003. But this year he is not living in this country. So he does not have any income in Virginia this year. Also I have no legal gaurdian in this country because I am 18 years old. So what should I do, in my case, to be eligible for in-state tuition fees if I get accepted in UVA ? I have also visited the website <a href=""&gt;;/a>, but it did not give me information for my specific case.</p>