Virginia Tech application withdrawal?

<p>I'm reposting this question in the VT forum..
hopefully anyone experienced can give me some advices !!
Thank you!!!!</p>

<p>I got into VT with a 3.46 academic gpa
but now my final transcript seems to turn out to a lower gpa than that...
plus for some reason my ap chemistry grade is an "f" for this quarter
any possibilites of VT withdrawing their offer?...
I already did the deposit but just hate the possibility that
they might withdraw from me the last day...
but my counselor says as long as if I don't end up getting a final grade as an "f"
(I had a c+ 3rd and a current "f" for 4th right now...which would probably stay that way..
anyway I'd probably end up getting a "d")
most of the times college administrators would just slip it through once I got in..
so I shouldn't worry too much.. I guess??....
any advices?...

<p>There is a chance that they will withdrawal your application, especially with an F.</p>

<p>I agree with Chuy to some extent. How do your other courses look? When you sent your application/transcript to VT, what did your science grades look like? Is there a chance that you are taking weighted courses and doing well in them? An F doesn't look good to VT and yes there is the chance of them revoking your admission, but if you work really hard for the remainder of the semester and at least pull a D, I think you will be fine as long as your other courses aren't C-F grades. Good luck!</p>

<p>Thanks for the advices guys..
yeah I don't think if I try I won't actually end up getting an "F"
I'm trying to aim for a "C" but it would be particularly hard for me
since I basically slacked off the whole year...
( to get a C I need to make sure I do decent in my last senior final..)
I got a C last semseter in chem and A in bio, B in reg chem, B in phsysics..</p>

<p>Not being an a-hole, but knowing what you know about yourself would you give yourself a slot at VT ahead of someone that busted their arse their senior year to get off the waiting list? You'd better figure out what's important to you before you get to campus.</p>

<p>I don't want to sound like a dou**e either, but I have to agree with Chuy on this one. VT doesn't play around with their academics. You most definitely must have your priorities in order before getting there.</p>