Virginia Tech, Clemson, or UofSC for business

which school would be best for studying an undergrad business degree

I would say that depends on what area of business specifically you plan to pursue. Generally, b-schools are stronger in some areas than others. For example, UofSC is #1 for International Business. I have noticed that universities that are heavy in engineering often tend to be strong in operations management and supply chain in their b-school. Overall, I believe these b-schools are in the same general range.

You will have to look at the specific programs. I believe all of these schools have good business though. You should probably look at cost and other factors to decide where you want to go. I know South Carolina can give good merit aid, but they also have a reputation as more of a “party school”. Clemson’s reputation has definitely improved over the last few years, it is now characterized as academically rigorous. Vt Blacksburg is also a good school, I don’t know as much about it though. Good luck!!