Virginia Tech Early Action / Early Decision for Fall 2022 Admission

I can confirm!

He is director of undergraduate admissions.


Feeling nervous for my son :grimacing:


SAME boat here for my daughter! :fearful: Good luck to all these kids!! :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


GOT IN!!! Good luck to everyone else. Anyone figure out how to accept?


Congratulations! I remember being so excited for my son last year when he found out. The Hokie family is awesome!

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Nevermind. Button appeared 5 minutes later.

Deferred to early action. 4.0, 1390 SAT, architecture school :slightly_smiling_face:

4.0 weighted or unweighted?

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Got in with 3.97 weighted 3.47 unweighted 1480 (790 math) for computer science!



Son got deferred to early action. 4.25 weighted, 3.8 unweighted, business school. boy, this process is exhausting. fingers crossed for late February.

best of luck!!!

Congratulations. I am a parent of student planning to apply next year for computer science. I have a couple of questions - 1. which all colleges did you apply for 2. what makes VT Comp Sci as “the” place you would join vs others.

My son was admitted ED to VT to the College of Natural Resources and Environment (Geography/GIS major) – 4.15 weighted GPA, 3.8 unweighted; 1320 comprehensive SAT (680 math, 640 reading/writing), solid extra-curriculars like Eagle Scout, Varsity Team Captain, etc. I think the hardest colleges to which to be admitted are Engineering, Architecture, and Business (in that order). When we visited VT, they told us that it is also very competitive to get in as “undecided,” because that is how 40 - 50% of students apply.


Son admitted as Finance Major weighted GPA 4.1, SAT 1350, ACT 30. State level athlete and musician plus honor societies etc.

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I forgot to add In State

DD wants to self report scores. She rec’d an email saying she should update the SRAR by tomorrow. Did you enter all dates and scores of SATs taken on the SRAR and let VT look at it and superscore? Or did you report the ones you wanted to highlight?

thanks for any insight –

Anyone know when typically VA Tech releases Early Action? Thanks

@briecollege They rarely deviate much more than a week at the most from the dates that are posted on the admissions info pages. It’s almost 100% to be a Friday at 5:00 PM as well.

Helpful hint - don’t refer to VT as “Vah-Tech” in verbal conversation. It’s cause for immediate dismissal. :grinning:

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Why would anyone call it Vah Tech? Of course it is Virginia Tech. VA is the acronym for Virginia so that is why I wrote it that way.

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