Virginia Tech Merit Scholarships?

We are starting the college search again, this time for my second DS20 and it looks like Virginia Tech checks most (all?) of the boxes on his list. We have not found much information and were wondering if VT gives any merit scholarships? We are OOS and he is interested in the Corps of Cadets - perhaps leadership track.

We are just trying to figure out if we visit this fall or direct him to different schools. We will not visit if the cost is completely out of range and there is no hope of a merit discount. We will not qualify for need based scholarships but he is a very strong candidate for competitive merit.

It depends on the major. There are few/no scholarships for FRESHMAN engineers, although there ARE department-specific scholarships available once you choose your specific discipline.

My daughter is engineering, OOS also. My friends daughter was also accepted to VT, but as a pre-med so probably arts and sciences? And she won a Provost scholarship that would have brought their costs down to the same as in-state NC. There is a page of scholarships under each college; I remember being confused and calling the office about the college of engineering.