Virginia Tech or Brandeis

Hey! I was recently admitted to both schools, and I was wondering if I could get different opinions on how to decide. I’m fortunate to have gotten into the engineering school at Tech; however, I’m not quite sure if I want to be an engineer. I like math and science and did well in those subjects in high school, but I have heard that it’s a grueling major. For Brandeis, I was admitted into their International Business Scholars Program which lets me get my masters and bachelors within 5 years. The only caveat is that Brandeis is 46k while Tech is only 23k for me. I know whichever decision I make, I will have a bright future, but I don’t want to make it a burden on my parents to make them pay so much for Brandeis. Would it be worth the investment if I went the business route at Brandeis?

If you don’t like engineering at VT it would be fairly easy to do an internal transfer to their business school. If you go to Brandeis you will never know if engineering was the field for you.

Also would the added $96,000 cost of Brandeis be through loans? That’s not good.

I say Virgina Tech plus I’ve only had bad experiences with Brandeis financial aid

The added 96k would not be through loans

DD is a freshman at VT in engineering and she loves it and is having no problems making Deans list. Some schools have a weed-out or more grueling culture, but VTs appears to be very supportive.

The other thing is, does the tuition at Brandeis go up once you start taking graduate level classes?